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Lineup for December 4 NY Tech Meetup

It's time for the last meetup of 2013 and we are looking forward to a great program!

Can't make it to the meetup? You can watch the video stream, provided by the folks at MLB Advanced Media right HERE at http://bit.ly/Dec2013NYTM!

Here is the lineup for the December 4, 2013 NY Tech Meetup (listed in alpha order):


Artiphon: reinventing music creation and consumption through innovative hardware products and creative tools.

Canopy Apps

Canopy Apps is funded by the National Institutes of Health to improve healthcare for patients who do not speak English by putting a medical interpreter in the pockets of every doctor and nurse.

General Assembly

General Assembly is a global educational institution building a community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love through instruction and opportunity in technology, business and design.


Hitlist: travel on your own terms - get alerts when it's cheap to fly to your dream destinations


Nextdoor is the free and private social network for the neighborhood.

Priori Legal

Priori Legal connects businesses to a network of trusted and vetted lawyers at below-market and fixed rates.


Skillfeed: The easiest, most cost-friendly way to learn creative and technical skills for your job.


TouchCast is a new video technology platform that merges the interativity of the web with video to create a new medium - the video web.


WiredNYC: a "LEED for broadband" service that rates the internet connectivity of buildings to help tenants pick tech-friendly office locations

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Lineup for November 4 NY Tech Meetup

Couldn't make it to the meetup? You can watch the video stream, provided by the folks at MLB Advanced Media right HERE!

Our November 4 Meetup was our annual academic program, featuring outstanding projects from colleges and universities. Here was the lineup for the November 4, 2013 NY Tech Meetup:


CSNYC: Ensure that every child in the New York City public school system has access to computer science education.


Code.org's mission is to bring K-12 computer science opportunities to all students in all schools.

Columbia News Rover

Columbia News Rover is an automatic system that allows content providers and news consumers to search news video, articles, and social media indexed by topics and quotes.

Disney Research Pittsburgh

Paper Generators - added interactivity through energy harvesting.


FIRST is a nonprofit that engages students in the problem solving of professional engineering through competitive robotics - the "Varsity Sport for the Mind."


JigSolver is an iPhone app to help solve jigsaw puzzles.

Kimera LLC

Bigshot: A Do-It-Yourself Digital Camera for Education.


The simplest way to communicate and learn with your classmates and professors.


memoring is an iPhone app that takes a path you walk on a special night and morphs it into a 3D ring to wear and remember the night forever.

MIT Media Lab

The MIT Media Lab is a interdisciplinary institution for imagining and inventing the future of technology.


Scratch: Program your own interactive stories, games, animations and art -- and share your creations with others around the world

University of Colorado

Scalable Game Design @ University of Colorado: Reinventing computer science in public schools by motivating & educating all students including women and underrepresented communities to learn about computer science through game design starting at the middle school level.


Vinelist: Vine's missing lists.

Hallway Demos at the After Party


Adhere Tech - Patented smart pill bottles designed to increase medication adherence


Deltaprintr - A fast, efficient and affordable 3D Printer launching on kickstarter 2013.


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Lineup for October 8 NY Tech Meetup

Could't make it to the meetup? You can watch the live video stream, provided by the folks at MLB Advanced Media right HERE!

Here was the lineup for the October 8, 2013 NY Tech Meetup:


Cover lets diners pay at restaurants without waiting for the check.

Days (Wander)

Days: a daily visual diary

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF: Defending your rights in the digital world.


Using a smartphone-connected thermometer, Kinsa is creating the world's first real-time map of health to track and stop the spread of disease.


skedge.me, an enterprise online scheduling application, is OpenTable for everything else.

Truth For Humanity

Truth For Humanity allows all THINKING human BE-ings to learn TRUE WORDS (MANY THAT HAVE BEEN HIDDEN) uncovered about all topics, brands and people. Truth for Humanity was built during Comedy Hack Day at the MIT Media Lab.


YPlan. Tonight's going out app. Get inspired, pay in two taps and go out in London and New York.


Zady is a shopping platform and lifestyle destination for people who care about the origins of the items they purchase.


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First Work Revolution Summit Starts Friday

NY Tech Meetup and The Work Revolution are hosting the first Work Revolution Summit at the Centre of Social Innovation in New York City on September 20-21, 2013. For more information head over to www.workrevolutionsummit.com

The event will bring together a group of entrepreneurs, investors, organizational designers, and future of work experts, and aims to fundamentally re-design the “operating software” of business, with the goal of providing startups and entrepreneurs the tools they need to maintain an astonishingly human company culture as they grow and scale their organizations.

“We have an opportunity to completely re-imagine the good things business can do for the world. In a decade, businesses could be sitting at the epicenter of human wellbeing. In order to do this, though, we need a revolution. If we want better organizations in 5/10/20/50 years, entrepreneurs have to start thinking about company culture before they hire even one employee,” said Work Revolution co-organizer Josh Allan Dykstra.

“Entrepreneurs are faced with a unique opportunity to not only build innovative products but also to build companies that forge a new path for what a workplace that helps both the employee and the employer reach their full potential can look like. The world will get better when we build better organizations, not just when we build better products,” said Work Revolution co-organizer and NY Tech Meetup Executive Director, Jessica Lawrence.

We are fortunate to have three sponsors on board to support the event: Presenting Sponsor Fiverr, Revolutionary Sponsor Podio, and Champion Sponsor Aon. Thank you! 

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