Apply to Present

Interested in demoing at NY Tech Meetup? The simple application form is below, along with a note from NYTM's President, Nate Westheimer.

From Nate, NYTM's President:

Each month, I get dozens and dozens of emails from people asking the same thing: “How can I present my company/product on stage at the NY Tech Meetup!?”

Of course I can identify with this request. Before I ran the NY Tech Meetup, I lobbied Scott and Dawn pretty hard to get my startup on stage.

Well, the process and factors that go into getting someone on stage are about the same then as they were now. While we may make changes to the process in the near future, the factors we consider will likely remain the same for eternity. Here, I’ve tried to write some of them down:

How technically interesting and innovative is your product?
How demoable is the the product?
How involved in the community has the presenter been? Have they even been to the event before?
Is this a NYC-based project?
Is it a product launch? We love launches.
Does it fit the month’s theme, when we have one?
How long has the person been waiting on the backlog?

You’ll note that what’s not factored in is whether or not it’s a good business. Frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn. If one thing has been constant with with the NY Tech Meetup and what’s worked on stage, it’s the belief that there are lots of great businesses which are online, but not all of the great business are interesting demos.

Content, e-commerce, video, and niche social-network sites are usually the most common applicants to be turned away simply because they, while offering something new or valuable to their consumers, don’t offer something extraordinarily new or valuable to the attendees of our event — who are there to have the back of their brains tickled.

So, now that you’ve read, internalized, and still believe you fit the bill to be on stage, feel free to submit your application to present below: