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Tony Bacigalupo

Jeff Einstein

Tom Limongello

Jenn Shaw

Nichelle Stephens

Dave Wechsler


Candidate Bios

Tony Bacigalupo

Since 2007, I’ve been organizing communities and helping people work for themselves in NYC and around the world. That work has manifested most prominently in my role as cofounder and Mayor of New Work City, which arose out of a grassroots effort to establish a dedicated coworking space in NYC. I also help people lead better organizations with the Community Builder Masterclass.

Along the way, I’ve found myself working closely with the NY Tech Meetup in various capacities. I helped to establish NY Tech Responds in the wake of Sandy, and was also a member of the Community Committee in 2009. I also organized the NYTM Afterparty for years before and after it was made official.

In between, I’ve organized happy hours, classes, BarCamps, hackathons, and more. I helped to start Girl Develop It, worked with the Downtown Alliance to build the Hive at 55, and co-authored a book on coworking called “I’m Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete.”

More recently, I released a presi-festo on how we can fix the stupid job crisis ourselves. Going forward, I’ll continue to work to help people here and everywhere in any way I can.

Site: http://nwc.co/nytmvote

Jeff Einstein

For 29 years Jeff Einstein has been the single most consistently contrarian voice of NYC’s high-tech and digital media communities, dating back to 1984, when he authored the nation’s first major how-to book series on PCs (Einstein’s Beginner’s Guides, published by HBJ) and co-founded Einstein and Sandom Interactive, the nation’s first digital advertising agency (acquired in 1994 by DMB&B) and the first digital shop in what 10 years later became NYC’s billion-dollar Silicon Alley.

Since then, his strategic marketing initiatives have driven the acquisition of two agencies, the global growth of a third, and a high-tech IPO, and have appeared in virtually every major business venue, including two front-page stories in The Wall Street Journal, and cover stories for Red Herring Magazine, George, PC Magazine, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine.  His client list reads like a Who’s Who of great global brands and government agencies.

Mr. Einstein has appeared in national endorsement campaigns for two major computer brands, as featured speaker at more than 200 media/marketing industry tradeshows/seminars, and as a media industry expert on dozens of radio and TV programs, including The Today Show with Katie Couric, CNN’s 360 with Anderson Cooper, and CNN’s Moneyline with Lou Dobbs.

Site: BrothersEinstein.com

Tom Limongello

Since 2006 I've been attending the NYTM. Back then we used to boo when we heard the words "San Francisco" at Cooper Union. Now the NYTM is a bellweather for entrepreneurial behavior. My experience has been rooted in two of NYC's core competencies, mobile and advertising products, both at Crisp Media, a NYC based ad platform, and prior to that at Unilever. I hope to work on NYC's next stage of influence, the part where our NYC brand of entrepreneurship is recognized around the world as much as it is in the 5 boroughs.

My experience is to connect entrepreneurs globally. In 2008 I formed a group of NYC early adopters on Twitter to promote the FailWhale artist in Australia, as a show of support that design is crucial to success. I've been an organizer for TechCrunch, training teams for Disrupt Beijing. This year, I wrote for PandoDaily.com to evaluate cities like Singapore as an entrepreneurship hub, and now travel regularly to London where I've taught classes at General Assembly. This summer, I was appointed as NYC Managing Director for FounderDating.com, an entrepreneurship network that started in SF, which drives collaboration between early stage founders in that pre-accelerator or funding stage.


Jennifer Shaw

As Founder of NYTechWomen and Senior Data Analyst at comScore, I am equal parts social connector, digital analyst and adult-focused educator. I work to create an open environment that inspires and connects people. My involvement and understanding of current digital trends, events and most importantly the people around me directly ties me to NYTM’s efforts to strengthen the NYC technology community.

I took an orphaned group with just a handful of members and turned it into NYTechWomen, the most active and fastest growing women-centric organization in NY Tech. We just celebrated our first anniversary; in that year, I grew the membership 5x to over 900 members by organizing more than 40 events to more actively engage women in the NY Tech experience.

I pride myself on being an approachable and responsive community leader and I’m always willing to speak with and help people who reach out.  I prioritize strong relationships over strong egos and efficiencies over ownership. I would be honored to bring my strong background in group organization and community needs to the NYTM Board of Directors.

Site: techwomen.co/votejenn

Nichelle Stephens

Nichelle Stephens is a connector! She is also a blogger, community manager, early adopter, Meetup organizer, mentor and social media strategist. Nichelle is the co-founder of Cupcakes Take The Cake, the most popular blog about cupcakes. She is also the local producer of TECHmunch NY, a food blogging conference.  Fun fact: She has been a member of the New York Tech Meetup since Januay 2007.

Her goal is to connect a diversity of passionate people who want to create tech startups and digital media to the New York Tech Meetup community.

Site: http://nichellestephens.com

Dave Wechsler

I am a career tech entrepreneur with 17+ years of experience both founding and working with startups in software, clean-tech, healthcare and fashion. I have been part of teams that have collectively raised over $22MM in angel, strategic and venture capital. I sold my first startup in 1999 to publicly traded, global systems-integration firm and I am currently helping and advising many tech startups.

I am also a proud member of the NYC tech community and have attended NYTM since early 2010. I recently became a charter “Annual Member” as I believe wholeheartedly in the organization’s mission. And, while always curious, I have never asked “what is your business model” during a Meetup.

Additionally, I have 10+ years of non-profit governance experience as a Trustee of Dickinson College. As a Trustee, I ran the Enrollment Committee for the past 8 years and served on the Finance Committee for 10 years – both with exceptional success. And from 1994 – 2002, I ran the Boston Chapter of the Webmaster’s Guild which later became the Association of Internet Professionals. We grew that organization to national membership of over 10,000 with Boston being both the largest and most successful chapter.

Site: davewechsler.com





Official Announcement

As announced two years ago, NY Tech Meetup has opened 4 of the 13 positions on our Board of Directors (the “Board”) to community members elected by our members. Two of those spots were filled in 2010 when Anil Dash and Evan Korth were elected by members of the NY Tech Meetup community to join the Board, and a third spot was filled last year when Brandon Diamond was elected to the board by the community.

As you may know, NY Tech Meetup was incorporated in the State of New York in July 2010 and is now a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. The Bylaws are always available for community review here. 

NY Tech Meetup is and always has been an organization for the members and by the members. So, how does one become a member-elected Board member? This December, we’ll conduct our third election, cycling in a fourth member-elected Board member. Below, find all of the information you need between now and the annual meeting at which we will hold the election.

Nominations may occur through this online form anytime between today, October 24, 2012 (our Notice Date) and 11:59 p.m. EST on December 7, 2012. Nominations may be made only by “Class B Members,” which are people who have RSVPed for a NY Tech Meetup event via the Meetup.com platform, our NYTM student groups, or the Annual Membership Beta program by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 7, 2012 (the “Record Date”). Class B Members may nominate anyone as a director (though that person will have to accept the nomination) and may also nominate themselves. Nominations through this form by people who are not Class B Members as of the Record Date will be disregarded.

Campaigning and a “Meet the Candidates” Event:
In regards to campaigning, we hope our community has a vigorous and public conversation about the future of the NY Tech Meetup on blogs, via Twitter, in private and at events. We hope and expect that conversation starts as soon as now, and continues through the voting process and beyond. With that in mind, we’ve decided to host an event on December 17, 2012 for the community to meet the candidates (more information and timing to come). In addition, candidates will be encouraged to submit short videos or written statements for inclusion on the NY Tech Meetup election page of our website, which is available at nytm.org/about/election.

The Election and Our Annual Meeting:
At midnight following the presentations of candidates at the December 17 mixer, we will open the polls (using the same platform used in the 2011 election), allowing all members to vote for the candidates online. The polls will be held open to receive “proxy” votes between such time and the start of the NY Tech Meetup’s Annual Meeting, which will be held at 10 am on December 22, 2012 at a location to be determined. The sole purpose of the Annual Meeting will be to tabulate and validate the vote count and determine the election results.

Qualifications to Vote and Vote Count:
As we just alluded, not every proxy vote recorded by the Meetup.com platform may end up being a qualified vote in our final tally. As our Bylaws state, only the proxy votes by Class B members — people who have RSVPed for a NY Tech Meetup event via the Meetup.com platform, through our student groups or via the Annual Membership program by 11:59 p.m. EST on the Record Date (December 7) — will be counted in our final tally (despite the fact that the voting platform will allow proxy votes to be submitted by all registered users of their system). At the annual meeting, we will work with the Meetup.com team to produce the final vote-count of Class B members, which we will then make public to our membership via our blog and an email blast.