Lineup for August NY Tech Meetup

Couldn't make the meetup? You can watch the live video stream provided by MLB Advanced Media HERE.

Here is the lineup for the August 4, 2014 NYY Tech Meetup (listed in alpha order):


Caliber helps you connect with professionals you should know from your city or at an event.


Get a sneak peak at MongoDB's upcoming new web service that offers single-click provisioning of MongoDB on Amazon's EC2.

My Mini Factory

MyMiniFactory is the worlds only fully curated, 3D object download platform - hosting thousands of free files all ready to 3D print.


Ringly: Smart jewelry and accessories that keep you connected to the things that matter most to you.



SocialRank is the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters: Act with confidence in a complex world.


Zenly: Browse apartments with video tours. Rent online without a broker.

Zola, Inc.

Zola combines design, ease and endless options for a new wedding registry experience for the modern couple.

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Lineup for July NY Tech Meetup

Can't make the meetup? You can watch the video provided by MLB Advanced Media HERE at

Here's the lineup for the July 1, 2014 NY Tech Meetup (listed in alpha order):


Shoppable is a licensable marketplace that allows you to shop and sell products from multiple retailers within one checkout.


Amicus helps nonprofits raise more money, attract more members, and win more votes.


Blippar: a platform that bridges the real world with the digital using image recognition to bring real world products, print and more to life.

Electric Object

Electric Objects: Art for the Internet Generation


FieldLens: Mobile Field Management App for the Construction Industry

Knozen, Inc.

"We're bringing personality to the internet." Knozen shows you what people like most about you.   


Picturelife: The smart home for photos.


Syncmotion: Connecting the physical and digital worlds.


New York's Leading Google Business View Provider.

Hack of the Month

The Satellite

The Satellite: A New Vision of Earth.
The Satellite is an experiential, photo-realistic portrait of Earth, seamlessly combining real-time imagery and remote sensing data from hundreds of satellites to present viewers with a true, three-dimensional vision of their planet from the perspective of the International Space Station.

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Lineup for June NY Tech Meetup

Can't make the meetup? You can watch the video provided by MLB Advanced Media HERE at

Here's the lineup for the June 3, 2014 NY Tech Meetup (listed in alpha order):


CommonKey: Securely manage and share access to all your company cloud apps.


Floored: A 3D scanning & data visualization company for real estate applications.


With unique camera features and military grade encryption, Glimpse is the most fun way to send private messages.


Goodnikels: A skills-exchange platform supporting social enterprise using a time-based
alternative currency system


Jewliebots: Programmable jewelry for teenage girls.


Rukkus: The easiest way to find and buy the cheapest concert, sports, or theater tickets from your mobile phone. 


Simplist is the best way for your team get the right people in the room. For recruiting or business development,

Social Bicycles

Social Bicycles uses mobile technology to advance local transportation.

Hacks of the month - HackNYC Winners
flyer penguin
Make a print-ready flyer from a Facebook event.


moteio2048: Multiplayer and 2048 game

2048 Against Cancer



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Speaking Up About Net Neutrality

On Friday, May 2, 2014, Jessica Lawrence, NY Tech Meetup’s Executive Director, represented NYTM on a trip to Washington, DC, along with representatives from Engine Advocacy, Tumblr, Meetup, and Kickstarter. The group visited the offices of six members of Congress, the Chairman of the FCC, and two FCC Commissioners to discuss our concerns over the future of net neutrality.

You can find the full record of our conversation and an in-depth description of our concerns via the post-visit ex parte letter that has been entered into the FCC’s official record:

Short Summary of Our Visit
(excerpted from the ex parte letter)
[During our visit] we explained that if the Chairman’s proposal were adopted as a rule, it would stifle innovation and entrepreneurship in the New York City tech sector that is at the center of the city’s recent and future economic growth. We explained that the city’s entire tech community is paying attention to the Chairman’s proposal and is deeply concerned.

While the Chairman’s proposal may look good on paper, it provides no certainty or effective remedy for smaller entrepreneurs building real businesses on the internet.
We urged the Commission to consider a different path: to ban rather than bless a world of paid fast lanes and unpaid slow lanes; to abandon pursuit of a “commercially reasonable” standard and to impose a rule against “unreasonable discrimination,” that clearly defines which discriminatory conduct is prohibited and bans all application specific discrimination (i.e. discrimination based on criteria related to the application or class of application); and to extend this strong rule to mobile as well as fixed service.

We also invited the Commission to New York City to hold an official FCC hearing on network neutrality, so that the Commission can hear directly from those in the New York tech sector affected by this proposal.

For the rest of the summary, please visit:

What the Tech Community Can Do

Contact the FCC

While spreading the word about the potential harm of the proposed new rules over social media is helpful, those complaints do not get officially entered into the FCC record as commentary from the community. The FCC needs to hear directly from members of our community in a way that is officially entered onto the FCC record, which includes making phone calls and sending letters. You can find an example of a letter here. You can address letters to Chairman Wheeler and Commissioners Clyburn, Rosenworcel, Pai, and O’Reilly here: Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington D.C. 20554. 

You can also call the FCC offices at 202-418-1000

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