Lineup for Tonight’s Monthly Meetup

Tonight is our annual academic program, featuring oustanding projects from university students and professors. The event will be hosted by Evan Korth. 

For anyone interested in watching remotely, you can view the live video stream here

SpaceSplitter is forever changing the way roommates manage their household finances and relationships.
RunMyCode: Enabling Reproducible Computational Science

Sugoi Papa Interactive
The world's first and best frankfurter-wearing simulator finally arrives on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - assembled with the utmost care and attention under the supervision of highly-trained pixel craftsmen, Heads Up! Hot Dogs will tickle your fingertips as well as your taste buds with its rich tapestry of 2D flavors.

Trollnet: A Wifi access point with unexpected consequences.

DOM is a cool bookmarklet that turns websites into 3D platformers using Javascript and magic!

Mahaya finds the photos, videos and tweets from events to help people see what happened. 

GrandMentor connects retired citizens with disadvantaged school children to read ebooks using Skype

We fingerprint physical objects, helping fight counterfeiting.

Bitstillery: Data visualization software and design studio.

Future of Books
NYU Media Research Laboratory
The advent of eBooks provides an opportunity to radically expand the very concept of what a book is, as these demos will show.

Qeexo wants to bring new dimensions of touch to interactive surfaces, and make better use of the natural richness of our hands.

Interaction Group, Disney Research Pittsburgh
Interaction group at Disney Research Pittsburgh invents new sensing technologies that can make everything reactive and responsive.


And three additional demos will be available for viewing at the afterparty:

Scrapyard Challenge Junior Mytropolis SeeMore Technologies