Tony Bacigalupo Wins Election for NYTM Board

The election results are in! Congratulations to Tony Bacigalupo for winning the race for the 4th community-elected seat on the NY Tech Meetup Board of Directors. Tony is the founder and Mayor of New Work City, one of the city's first and great coworking spaces, and is also a long-time member and supporter of NY Tech Meetup, serving on the Community Committee in 2009, organizing the afterparty for a number of years, and currently hosting one of NYTM's Simulcast locations. We are excited to welcome Tony to the board! 

Election Results:
Tony Bacigalupo - 42.65%
Jenn Shaw - 33.67%
Dave Wechsler - 9.8%
Tom Limongello - 6.94%
Nichelle Stephens - 5.31%
Jeff Einstein - 1.63%

Thank you to all of the candidates for putting time and effort into running for the board. And thank you to all of the NY Tech Meetup members who cast votes in the election. 

We're looking forward to a great 2013!