Lineup for February 5 NY Tech Meetup

Can't attend the meetup in person? You can find the live video stream here.

Here are the demoers for the Feburary 5, 2013 NY Tech Meetup:
HowAboutWe is the first experience-driven dating and relationships company.

Combosaurus: Discover your next favorite interest or person
@shelby is the best place to discover and share video.

@catchafire Give what you're good at

Mortar Data
Mortar Data: Open source framework and Hadoop-as-a-Service for engineers & data scientists.

SumAll provides a beautiful, interactive, easy to use business intelligence tool to small and medium sized businesses and marketers. Currently more than 28,000 businesses use the tool

Dawn Robotics
Talos: The Personal Robot

MLB Advanced Media
A live stream look behind the live stream of NYTM.

Yext: Industry-leading location Information software to update your business info with just a click.

Tactonic Technologies
Tactonic Sensors enables Touch 2.0 pressure sensing multi-touch interaction on ANY size surface, either as components or as tiles: for mobile devices, peripherals, tables, walls, floors, and more.

Citia creates delightful digital places for entertainment, publishing and trans-media enterprises. Cross-device premium content platforms that put users first.