May 7 2013 NYTM

May 7 2013 NYTM

Missed the meetup? You can watch it HERE

Here are the companies that are demoing at May 7:

AirDrum: Play drums with your phone right in the browser! 2nd place winner at HackNY Spring 2013 Student Hackathon.

Gitdown: Don't commit when you're drunk.

IBM Research
IBM Reasearch will show the world's smallest movie, made with atoms, and explain how it was made, why IBM Research is doing stuff like this and the fun/challenges one can have with science.

Cara Face Detection Software - Turn any webcam into an intelligent sensor.

PivotDesk helps entrepreneurs find room for growing their businesses by connecting them with companies that have excess space.  PivotDesk allows both sides to focus on growing their businesses instead of the challenges of dealing with office space.

Rallyverse makes technology that helps companies discover and share great content on social media.

RoboKeg: The easiest way to get a beer.     RoboKeg is a self-serve beer vending machine for music events and parties. It's powered by NFC so that concert-goers can use a wrist band to "tag in" and pay for a beer without their wallet on hand.

Rutgers University (LaserTanks)
Laser Tanks: An Arduino-based laser tag game with remote control tanks

The Muse
The Muse: find your dream job, hire your dream candidate

Thousands of businesses -- including major news media, retail, technology, and real estate brands -- use Videolicious to empower their employees to create sophisticated communication, sales, and marketing videos, automatically -- in seconds.

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