Mar 14

Intro to Android Development

submitted by Hannah Zimmerman

This course covers fundamentals of Java programming language and Android app development with an interactive project based curriculum. Students will be introduced to some of the most popular features and frameworks of Android development. This course is ideal for beginners, product managers, designers, those exploring software development, and development and developers looking to start Android development.



Mar 14

iOS 8-Week Evening Course

submitted by Hannah Zimmerman

This course covers the fundamentals of the Swift programming language and iOS development with an interactive, project-based curriculum. Students will be introduced to some of the most popular features and frameworks of iOS development. This course is ideal for beginners, product managers, designers, those exploring software development and developers looking to start iOS development.




DWT WEB WORKSHOP: Cap Tables and Memorializing Your Capital Structure

submitted by Lynn Loacker

The fourth in a series of 8 workshops that will do a deep dive into legal issues that founders of most early stage companies need to navigate.

This Workshop will teach you how to build and maintain a basic cap table and cover some scenarios that illustrate how financing rounds can affect founders' equity.



2017 Free Ultimate Growth Hacking + Press Hacking Boot Camp

submitted by Christine Souffrant Ntim

Growth Hacking: Acquiring customers is the most important thing startups need to do. Yet how do you cut through the noise and get access to customers? We go over the most exclusive growth hacking strategies needed to start and scale your company! PRESS HACKING BOOT CAMP: Are you trying to get more customers? Need press exposure to validate your brand?We go over the top 100 tactics needed to get new customers and get featured in press from all over the world. *** brandentrepreneurs.com



Corporate Innovation Past-Present-Future: Q&A with Steve Faktor

submitted by Loni

Join us as we discuss the current state of corporate innovation, where it's been and most importantly, where it's heading over drinks and appetizers. We will hear from host, Steve Faktor, founder of the IdeaFaktory, who will talk about his experience and share his knowledge as well as advice. Steve will be ready and willing to answer your *toughest* questions on the matter, so come prepared :).
The event will be moderated by TV personality, Ari Zoldan who has appeared in and on, Mashable, The Wa



[Speaker] MarTech meets FinTech: Marketing Automation for Mobile Wallets

submitted by Stephen Stanczak from MarTech NYC

Join fellow marketing technologists for a talk on a new and exciting industry: mobile wallet marketing automation.

Our speaker is Elias Guerra, founder and CEO of Popwallet, a marketing automation platform for mobile wallets.

Learn how Popwallet is disrupting a $1 trillion industry.

The Yard Herald Square

Agenda :

6:30-7:00 Network/socialize

7:00-7:10 Presentation on mobile wallet marketing automation

7:10-7:40 Conversation with Elias

7:40-8:00 Q&A

8:00-8:30 Network/socialize



StrtupBoost Long Island Mixer

submitted by Jason Malki

We are bringing new companies, old companies who need a boost, and entrepreneurs to meet with investors, mentors, strategists on how to take your business to the next stage. We pick strategic places to create the atmosphere of a social meeting in a relaxed manner. Dont be surprised if you are picked to pitch your product to the crowd. Our goal is to inspire next generation entrepreneurs and game changers. If you are are come and join us at out next event. Free with early registration!




Diversity in Tech Job Fair

submitted by Hannah Zimmerman

Representatives from leading NYC-area software companies want to meet you!

They’re looking to recruit for their tech needs at all levels in:

Software Development
Data Science

WHEN: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EDT)

WHERE: Turn To Tech, 40 Rector Street, 10th floor, New York, NY 10006

Companies: If you would like a free booth, contact Teddy Angelus, teddy@turntotech.io

Other questions? Contact Teddy Angelus:
teddy@turntotech.io or at (212) 924-8324



Abandoning Innovation

submitted by New Haircut

Come hear from a panel that's been down the path of innovation and design thinking but faced countless struggles. They'll share stories of what they tried, what they learned, and what they would do differently next time around.



The Product Group March 2017

submitted by Nancy Tubbs

Join us as The Product Group March 2017 with Featured Product: Insticator and great roundtable conversations! RSVP @ http://tpg.li/2l1dMBn

FREE, must RSVP to attend.

Presented by The Product Group




Intuition Salon: Intuitive Decision Making

submitted by Karin Bellantoni

Why an Intuition Salon?
I believe there is valuable information that is not taught, that one must seek out in order to change and grow in today’s world. I invite you to join us and explore such topics as accessing your intuition in business, setting healthy boundaries, confronting and clearing with anyone, and more.



DWT WEB WORKSHOP: Building Your Team - Key Employment Law Issues

submitted by Lynn Loacker

The fifth in a series of 8 workshops that will do a deep dive into legal issues that founders of most early stage companies need to navigate.

This Workshop will address the most common employment law traps founders face and how to avoid them.



Storytelling for Business People

submitted by Andrew Linderman

Not all elevator pitches are created equal. You may think you’ve got a can’t miss pitch but if you can’t explain your idea in a compelling and interesting way, your message may get lost in translation. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use stories and storytelling techniques to amaze and inspire your audience.



ERA x SheWorx Female Founders Night

submitted by penny chenh

RSVP here: bit.ly/RSVPFemaleFounders
Come be a part of NYC’s vibrant female founder community with ERA + SheWorx on Mar. 8th for an evening of networking and the opportunity to pitch your startup to amazing female entrepreneurs and investors!
Apply to Pitch Here: http://bit.ly/Apply2Pitch
Share this Event: bit.ly/FemaleFoundersEvent



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

Keyword tracking. Organic click-through rate. Google rankings. The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever-fluctuating and, yet, has never been more important for business. Step one to success in SEO: be informed. Join us for a free seminar on SEO to help you get started with the basics! Learn how to use search engine strategies to increase website traffic and generate business for yourself or your clients.



Jason Malki

submitted by Jason Malki

The Square Table - an intimate take on the panel discussion.

Instead of a panel up front speaking TO the audience - the 4 (2 squared) speakers sit at the corners of a large table WITH the audience - Limited to 36 (6 squared!) audience members.

The discussion then becomes more inclusive. The discussion is often more hands on and focused on solving audience problems pertaining to startups and helping each of the audience members to solve a current PR / Marketing Problems.



Video Hack Day 3

submitted by dawn barber

Be the Future of Video! Hackers One and All are welcome to attend our 3rd annual Video Hack Day, March 11th, 8:30am-9:00pm at General Assembly, 902 Broadway in NYC. This year with a Civic Hack prize to support work that helps your community. Register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/video-hack-day-3-tickets-29378040510



The Role of Male Allies, Advocates, and Mentors in Retaining Women in Tech

submitted by Natasha Green

Advocates, mentors, and allies are all roles that require a commitment and a will to help other individuals achieve their highest potential in their pursuit of activities to advance themselves and their communities. Please join us at this important and timely event, which will impart the knowledge and the tools to assist you in becoming the change agents needed to help attract and keep more women in the field of technology and, perhaps, your company.




Telehealth and Medicine Today Innovation Ignition Competition

submitted by Tory Cenaj

Expect to be and see companies that promises to radically change the future of our healthcare system with innovations that revolutionize and stun our current perspectives in telemedicine and telehealth. Make your mark in telehealth and medicine and enter now. Think mobile, device, blockchain, sensors, AI, AR, software, services…we’ll leave it up to you…Deadline Feb 17...enter now!



Demystify your job search: Technical interviews + negotiating

submitted by Hollie Haggans

We all know that the interviewing process can be nerve wracking and anxiety ridden, but it doesn't have to be. We teamed up with some industry professionals on this workshop for engineers. Come hang and grow your skill set for your next venture!


6:30pm-7:00pm Check-in, eat, drink, mingle

7pm-7:10pm Welcome

7:10pm-7:30pm Technical interviewing workshop w/ Engineering managers

7:30pm-7:50pm Practice technical interviewing

7:50pm-8:00pm Break

8:00pm-8:20pm Negotiating workshop w/Hum



Web Design & Development Open House

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

Join us for a fun, free, 2-hour meet-up where you'll learn more about our Web Design and Web Development Certificates. You’ll get a chance to meet some of our instructors, other potential students, and get a tour of our facilities. Refreshments will be served!



Intro to HTML5 Animation with GreenSock

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

Want to animate your webpages or create rich HTML5 banner ads? Join us for this free and exciting seminar to see how you can use the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) to breathe new life into your websites, mobile apps, games, or online marketing.



Rob Koyfman Fireside Chat w/ Stan Synko

submitted by Jason Malki

Rob Koyfman Fireside Chat with Stan Synko

Rob founded Koyfin because he was frustrated with the lack of functional investment tools that were available when he didn’t have access to Bloomberg.



DWT WEB WORKSHOP: Using Trademark and Copyright Law to Protect Your Brand

submitted by Lynn Loacker

The sixth in a series of 8 workshops that will do a deep dive into legal issues that founders of most early stage companies need to navigate.

This Workshop will review the types of IP you may own and address how to protect your company's interests in those rights.



Employment Strategies

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

As both a training center and employer, Noble Desktop is in a unique position to tell you what works and does not work when looking for web coding and computer graphics employment. There are a few rules that most coders, graphic designers, and production people should follow, though 90% of them do not!

Where are the jobs right now? What skills are most in demand? Through our own experience, employment agency discussions, and requests from our clients, we’ll tell you what you need to know to get



How to Get Started in Web Design

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

If you’ve been thinking about creating a website but don’t know where to start, this is the seminar for you. You’ll learn how websites are designed and built from scratch.

You’ll get an introduction to HTML and CSS and see how they are used to layout webpages and style content. We will optimize graphics for webpages and upload a site to make it live for the world to see!



ERA Summer 2017 March Happy Hour

submitted by Penny chenh

RSVP HERE: http://bit.ly/2l2cVRa
Join the ERA team, founders and mentors on 2/22 to learn more about our upcoming summer program. ERA invests $100K and gives founders access to NYC's leading start-up mentor network and community.
Apply by Mar 29th: http://bit.ly/Apply2ERA *Program Starts June 12th

Share this event with one click: http://bit.ly/2mgZwoJ



New York: Build a Career You Love

submitted by Tylzia Moore

Join Program Director David Yourgrau at our New York campus to learn how Startup Institute can help you build a career you’ll be passionate about.

Hear about how our program will catapult you into the growing innovation economy in the areas of web development, web design, digital marketing, or sales and account management.



Oracle Code NYC 2017

submitted by Rachael Walker

Oracle Code is a free event for developers to learn about the latest developer technologies, practices, and trends.

Oracle Code will include educational sessions for developing software in Java, Node.js, and other programming languages and frameworks using Oracle Database, MySQL, and NoSQL databases.

Learn from technical experts, industry leaders, and other developers in keynotes, technical sessions, and hands-on labs. Experience cloud development technology and solutions in the exhibition hal



Code Driven #17 (A FirstMark Event): Harry's, Quartet Health & Streaming Games

submitted by Dan Kozikowski

Code Driven NYC is a developer-only event to learn, get inspired, and have fun. This month's event features Mark Wunsch (Harry's), Karl Norling (Quartet Health), and Chris Dickson (parsec.tv).



Business & Technology of Greater New York

submitted by Deepak Lalwani

Please join us for a Fireside Chat with Keenan Phelan, Founder of TEAM2 on Thursday, March 23rd from 6 - 8pm.

Keenan is an IT Services veteran with a consistent track record of innovation, pragmatism and profitability - with an intense hands on leadership and management style.

He has spent the last 12+ years in the managed services area growing revenue, optimizing operations, and transforming Datavail and CIBER-ITO into global players with world class quality and sophisticated offerings.



Tech Talk: Artificial Intelligence & Creative Works

submitted by Aaron Wright

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly being used to create new original works, like music, art, and other creative systems. In this Tech Talk, we bring together experts from both the tech and legal worlds to discuss emergent applications for AI and explore the legal issues raised by the use of AI in the creative process.
As these AI systems develop, who owns the IP rights? The AI programmer? The artist who used the AI program to create her work? What are the boundaries of such rights?



StrtupBoost Investor Conference

submitted by Jason Malki

An opportunity to Present your Startup to a huge Audience of NYC's Leading Tech Investors including VCs, Accelerators, and Angels.
100 Startups, 100 Investors/Judges and Press that are split into 2 Rooms. Each Room will have 50 Startups and 50 Investors.




PGConf US 2017

submitted by Debra Cerda

PGConf US is a non-profit conference hosted run by the United States PostgreSQL Association. This conference is part of the effort to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate training and resources to further PostgreSQL adoption.



Intro to Adobe Experience Design (XD)

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

Unlike Photoshop, Adobe Experience Design is a totally new app created specifically for designing websites and apps. You can craft the visuals and turn them into working prototypes all in a single app! Even though it's currently in beta, it’s developing quickly. Come see how it works and what it can do for your design workflow.




NYC Games and Digital Media Career Fair,

submitted by Lorri Hopping

IGDA NYC and Playcrafting NYC are teaming up again for our third annual Games & Digital Media Career Fair. We're bringing together employers and job-seekers and showcasing the exciting opportunities and diverse talent pool in game dev and digital media industries.

EMPLOYERS and RECRUITERS: Register for a FREE employer table.

SCHOOLS and other ORGS: Exhibit for FREE.

JOB SEEKERS: FREE entry includes one-on-one mentoring in specific areas of game dev.

We'll adjourn to the Iron Bar afterward



DWT WEB WORKSHOP: What a Startup Needs to Know about Advertising Law

submitted by Lynn Loacker

The seventh in a series of 8 workshops that will do a deep dive into legal issues that founders of most early stage companies need to navigate.

This Workshop will educate you on activities that constitute "advertising" and the legal rules that apply, including use of social media, giveaways, and sponsorships.




Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - New York (2-day Workshop)

submitted by Brian Cugelman, PhD (AlterSpark)

This 2-day workshop covers the essentials of using psychology to design human-centered websites, apps, and campaigns that are intuitive, motivating, and engaging.

You’ll learn how to recognize and apply over 40 principles of persuasive design psychology, focused on boosting users’ understanding, motivation, trust, decision making, short-term action, and long-term loyalty.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build better user experiences, that are intuitive and motivating.



Roadmap to a Career in Web Design & Digital Media

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

You may be thinking about a new career, but where do you start? In which direction should you aim: web design/development, web animation, visual design, UX, or HTML Emails? We created this free seminar to help you make an informed decision and learn about current trends in the industry.



2017 HPC for Wall Street - Cloud & Data

submitted by Russell Flagg

NY Tech Alliance members - Register at no charge for 2017 HPC for Wall Street - Cloud & Data, April 3, Monday, Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Ave and East 45th Street, Midtown New York.
Register free online at: www.flaggmgmt.com/linux
Come see HPC, servers, networks, data centers, Linux, AI & Machine Learning.
The free show is open 8 to 4 pm, featuring HPC vendors: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Red Hat, SUSE, NVIDIA, Dell EMC, Cray, Mellanox, in the exhibit hall on the Mezzanine Level, Roosevelt Hotel.




Emotion & Motivation for Digital Behavior Change - New York (2-day Workshop)

submitted by Brian Cugelman, PhD (AlterSpark)

This 2-day workshop covers human-centered design strategies based on the psychology and neuroscience of user emotion, cognition, and behavior.

Through plain language and practical exercises, participants learn how to shape users’ emotional experiences and online behavior, through interactive design and content strategies,

You’ll learn how to apply emotional design strategies to wireframing, digital strategy, creative specs and journey mapping, to increase positive user experiences.



Data Science Day @Columbia University

submitted by Brianne Cortese

The Data Science Institute presents Data Science Day. Join us for demos​ and lightning talks by​ Columbia researchers ​presenting their latest work in data science. The event provides a forum for innovators in academia, industry and government to connect.

Tentative Agenda
Keynote: Alfred Spector, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at Two Sigma
Lightning Talk Sessions: Patient Driven Health Care, Applications of Data Science, Sharing Economy, and Our Connected World




M|17: MariaDB's inaugural user conference

submitted by Cindy Clement

M|17, the first user conference for MariaDB will be held on April 11-12, 2017 at the Conrad Hotel in Lower Manhattan. The conference is an exciting opportunity to learn, collaborate and network around MariaDB database innovations and infrastructure modernization.
The learning starts even before the conference does with a morning of workshops, demos and presentations by MariaDB engineers and technical experts, followed by thought-provoking keynotes and breakout sessions.



Intro to Adobe InDesign

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

InDesign is used to create ads, books, magazines, and more. In this seminar we’ll get you up and running with the basics of InDesign. We’ll create some layouts from scratch, as well as demonstrate some of the more powerful features on existing layouts to show what InDesign can do!



Intro to Adobe Illustrator

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

Adobe Illustrator can be insanely useful for creating graphics for web, print, signage, or anything! Unfortunately it’s not very intuitive for beginners to learn. In this seminar we’ll show you the fundamentals of Illustrator in a way that makes them approachable for someone who’s just getting started. Experience with another Adobe graphics app will help, but is not required.




2 Day In-Person Seminar on Computer Systems Validations, Data Integrity, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and GAMP 5

submitted by Compliance Trainings

This new 2-day Seminar on Computer Systems Validation will explore proven techniques for reducing costs associated with implementing, using, & maintaining computer systems in regulated environments. The FDA performs GxP & Part 11 inspections, with an updated Annex 11 regulation, & companies must update their systems and processes to maintain compliance.





submitted by Saron Yitbarek

Two days of demos, talks, and workshops exploring the incredible world of code. We've created a unique conference experience designed for new coders and people learning to code. Come out for great food, a supportive community, and inspiring content, produced by CodeNewbie.




DWT WEB WORKSHOP: User-Generated Content on Your Digital Platform

submitted by Lynn Loacker

The eighth in a series of 8 workshops that will do a deep dive into legal issues that founders of most early stage companies need to navigate.

This Workshop will teach you how to use digital content on your website, app or in social media without exposure to liability, and how to navigate the thicket of copyright, trademark, privacy, right-of-publicity and defamation issues when your company hosts online content.



Intro to JavaScript

submitted by Jordan Jeffries

JavaScript is an essential skill for any web developer. It’s commonly used to add interactivity to webpages, such as animation, parallax, slideshows, form validation, and much more. Traditionally it’s run in a web browser (client-side), but having grown in popularity you can now run it server-side (using Node.js for example). We’ll get you started with the fundamentals of client-side (front-end) JavaScript, opening up your webpages to new and exciting functionality!



StrtupBoost Biz Dev & Career Fair

submitted by Jason Malki

StrtupBoost Biz Dev & Career Fair: an Opportunity to Attract Early Adopters, Generate Client Leads, Create Business Partnerships, Hire Talent, & More!



5 Day Intensive Product Management Bootcamp

submitted by Jason Malki

This boot camp is aimed at companies that are looking to revamp / improve their Product Management capabilites in a way that fits the fast, lean, agile world of tech start-ups. If you are a product manager for a company, or, looking to become one, this boot camp is for you.




Sales Summit East 2017

submitted by Sales Summit East

"If you want to achieve sales success, you can’t miss Sales Summit East 2017!

Sales Summit East 2017 will be held from May 8th to 9th, 2017 at the luxurious New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York, NY. Sales Summit East 2017 showcases the most audacious and thought provoking speakers in the sales industry, providing leaders and executives in sales, sales operations, sales enablement, and marketing emerging strategies, the latest sales technologies, best practices, and insights to fo




TECHSPO New York 2017

submitted by TECHSPO New York


Are you an early adopter of tech products? Looking for a job at a startup? Covering the New York tech scene for a publication? Looking to invest in the next Facebook? Or just a plain old tech enthusiast? Then YOU and thousands like you attend TECHSPO New York! The Best Part? It’s FREE!

As a prelude to Internet Week, TECHSPO New York is a two day technology expo taking place May 8th to 9th, 2017 at the luxurious New York Marriott Marquis in




DIGIMARCON EAST 2017 - Digital Marketing Conference

submitted by DIGIMARCON EAST

"If you want to be successful in digital marketing, you can’t miss DIGIMARCON EAST 2017!

DIGIMARCON EAST 2017 Digital Marketing Conference will be held from May 8th to 9th, 2017 at the luxurious New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York, NY. DIGIMARCON EAST 2017 Conference showcases the most audacious and thought provoking speakers in the digital marketing industry, providing attendees with emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, best practices, and insights from succ



Creative Operations New York 2017

submitted by Alexander Lee

Join our Creative Operations community for its annual gathering in New York and enjoy a day full of real actionable advice you can take back to your organization and immediately put into effect.



Creative Operations New York 2017

submitted by Alexander Lee

Join our Creative Operations community for its annual gathering in New York and enjoy a day full of real actionable advice you can take back to your organization and immediately put into effect.



Techonomy NYC

submitted by Lawrence Dvorchik

Techonomy NYC is an intense New York-style version of our longstanding Techonomy retreat in California, where last fall Mark Zuckerberg famously spoke about fake news. A unique big-picture exploration of how technology transforms business and society, it's not about tech per se, but about the more important question facing all leaders: How is tech changing every industry? Register at http://techonomy.com/techonomy-nyc-purchase-tickets and use code NYTECH17 and save 10%.


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